Worldwide Classic MINIs!

Here’s a random post filled with classic MINIs! I have a ridiculous love for this cute and sturdy racing car and somehow, I have come across classic MINIs all around the world – it’s like the universe is telling me something!

MINI in Stockholm, Sweden

MINI in London, UK – This mini was always parked near my former home in Spitalfields, London.

MINI in Shinyalu, Kenya – I even saw this MINI very often – it was owned by a villager near Shinyalu, Western Province, where I volunteered in education and food programmes in 2009.

MINI in New York City, US – During my trip to the US in 2010, I saw a classic MINI in each city I visited. First, there was this perfect MINI in the East Village in NYC…

MINI in Washington, D.C., US – …then, there was this one near Dupont Circle in DC…

MINI in San Francisco, US – …and finally, saving the best for last, there was this gorgeous one: a MINI Morris Minor in SF! The picture was taken from a moving tram!

MINI in Bangkok, Thailand – Classic MINI in Ari, my favourite area in my 2011 hometown Bangkok.

MINI in Luang Prabang, Laos – This is a classic clubman… Just like the new ones, a MINI gone wrong… terribly wrong… but it’s still a classic MINI… I saw this one on my trip to Laos at the beginning of June 2011.

MINI at Silverlake Music Festival, Thailand – Nice surprise at 1.30am after seeing and hearing Incubus!