Don’t be mean, be green!

I believe we are (or at least should be) all part of a socially responsible process in making small steps to make the world a better place. Since I have posted a few posts about my work in human rights and combating child prostitution, child pornography and trafficking for sexual purposes already, I decided to write a post about simple steps you can take for a better planet.

Five small steps for a greener planet Earth:

1. Save energy (and money).
Turn on the fan instead of the airconditioning (or turn it a few degrees higher) in summer or put on a thicker sweater instead of turning up the heat in winter;
Change to energy saving light bulbs next time your bulbs burn out – they only cost a little more and they will help you save up to 80% in energy;
Unplug appliances when you’re not using them;
Use a lower temperature when doing laundry and air dry your clothes instead of tumble drying (it also helps to keep clothes nicer)!

2. Recycle and save plastic.
Recycle your garbage, keep electronics and toxic waste out of the trash – don’t forget to donate old mobile phones;
Use less plastic bags (recycle the ones you have) and bring your own shopper/purse;
Skip bottled water and use a water filter to purify tap water instead.

3. Fight pollution.
Walk, skate, bike or use public transport instead of driving (the exercise will also increase your fitness) – especially in bigger cities, this will help you avoid the traffic jams.

4. Eat green.
Grow your own grub (even in a small kitchen or on the balcony you can grow your own herbs and small vegetables). Buy local, organic and sustainable food (and choose for environmentally-friendly packaging). Go veg(etari)an or eat less meat (especially fish!).

5. Don’t forget about the environment when you’re on holiday.
Research your getaway plans on environmental sustainability! When going to the zoo, look at animal welfare issues. When going to into nature, clean up after yourself. When traveling to developing countries, look into ways you can help sustainability (use energy and water sparingly – use portable solar power instead of your usual plugs, only shower when really necessary where water isn’t readily available).


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