UNESCO World Heritage

UNESCO surely chooses its World Heritage sites well. During my travels, I have enjoyed quite a number of places that are placed on the World Heritage List. Each of them have taken my breath away… So, here is a little dedication to UNESCO and its World Heritage sites.

My favourite continent… Africa

Victoria Falls, Zambia/Zimbabwe (2008)
Lake Malawi, Malawi (2008)
Ilha de Moçambique, Mozambique (2008)
Robben Island, South Africa (2008)

Stone Town, Zanzibar (2009)

My current continent… Asia

Humayun’s Tomb, India (2009)
Qutb Minar, India (2009)
Taj Mahal, India (2009)
The Great Wall, China (2009)
Luang Prabang, Laos (2011)
Ayutthaya, Thailand (2011)
Angkor, Cambodia (2011)

And a little closer to home… Europe

17th Century Amsterdam, The Netherlands (2006)
Firenze, Italy (2008)
Stonehenge, UK (2008)
Salamanca, Spain (2010)
Warsaw, Poland (2010)

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