฿100 a day challenge – preparations…

So, the ฿100 a day challenge will start in ten days… And I have started preparing.

After having spent almost nine months in Thailand, I finally picked up a free The 1 Card (Expatriates & International Visitors) today. This card will give me discount on multiple stores (including several supermarkets and food courts) and in addition, I collect points that will turn into vouchers, etc. I don’t expect to save up much in vouchers since I won’t be spending much, but the discount would be nice! I will start looking into special promotions too and shop accordingly. I do think I will mostly buy street food though.

I have thought of some rules too. The obvious one: I cannot spend more than ฿100 a day. Additionally, I cannot accept food given to me for free. While I cannot spend more than ฿100 a day on food and other ‘regular’ expenses, I have decided that whatever amount I do not spend during a day, I can use it to save up as a buffer to at least cover for stuff like phone credit, a new light bulb or taking the BTS or MRT once in a while.

Other than that, I have not made any other rules. I will have to look into bus times (although they don’t really run on time) and schedules. I do think I will lose some friends in this as I will no longer be joining on many social events… I just hope the good ones will understand.


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