฿100 a day challenge – day 4

Day four.

It’s World Animal Day! And I encountered a little kitty when I left my studio this morning. Strange thing was that this kitty was on the staircase inside the apartment building. Since we are not allowed to have pets and this little one was particularly scared of humans (or at least, it was pretty scared of me), I think it wasn’t domesticated. I wanted to rescue it, but it ran upstairs and I had no time to chase it as I had to leave for work. So I rushed out. No need for buying breakfast because, again, I had crispbread with Nutella.

For lunch, I finally got the ฿30 som tam I had been craving for a while. As a snack I bought ฿10 broad beans again. I wanted to buy some fruit, but the fruit stalls were sold out.

After work, I went to 7 Eleven. I was planning to get something for the kitty in case it would still be stuck in the building, so I got a tiny pack of milk. I also got some broad beans again. The total was ฿20.50. I also got some fruit for ฿20. I wasn’t too hungry, so this was enough.

When I got home, the kitty was gone, but I found some proof that the kitty had been staying on the roof for a few days, but it was nowhere to be seen. So, I couldn’t use the milk. I started drinking it myself, but I really hate milk and this milk in particular. No idea how it’s different from other types of milk, it just said 100% cow’s milk (which should be pretty normal?). Anyways, had to throw it out unfortunately…

Total for today: ฿80.50.



    1. Ja… milk is disgusting. I do like cheese though. And stroopwafels. And stamppot. But, I don’t like soft bread. Nor rice. Nor soup. Nor Chinese food. I guess I’m just a little weird! 😉

      1. Nice that you are starting to convince yourself about it… Probably me telling you several times a day is having its effect 😛

      2. Nah, don’t worry – I’ve been known to be a weirdo since I was a kid (and been told I’m the definition of ‘weird’)! 😉 And I’m proud of it!
        Better be weird than normal right? Or as Arnold says, “at least you’re never boring!” 🙂

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