฿100 a day challenge – day 5

Day five.

For breakfast: crispbread and Nutella (same thing every day until I finish it). Additionally, I bought broad beans for ฿10. For lunch, I bought som tam for ฿30. I had a meeting in Asoke in the afternoon, so I took the khlong boat (saen saep canal boat) to Asoke for ฿13. Strangely, it was only ฿11 on the way back. I bought a pack of chips on the way home for ฿20. I felt like having a snack. It’s the last day of the vegetarian festival, but I didn’t see any more food stalls in my soi. So, I ate one of the cup noodles I bought before. It wasn’t great, but it’s food.

Total for today: ฿84.


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