฿100 a day challenge – day 8

Day eight.

I accepted a job offer today. It’s with an international development organisation called EDC (Education Development Center) and I’ll be starting in November. It’s a perfect job with excellent benefits and I’m very thrilled to be part of the education projects they are implementing throughout Asia! The funny thing is, when I told people about the job, one of the first questions was “Are you going to quit the ฿100 a day challenge now?” and my answer was “No.” The challenge is to test myself, even when it is no longer necessary to live by such basic (or low) standards.

So, this morning, I accepted the job offer. It didn’t go without troubles though. I was hoping the ECPAT International office would be open, but unfortunately there were no workaholics present at 10 am. So, I walked over to the mall I hate most: MBK. I went to information and asked for an internet cafe (I left my USB in the office, so I couldn’t copy the document to anything external) with a printer and scanner. The lady told me that the internet shop is on the 7th floor, the copy shop is on the 6th floor and another scan shop is on the 6th floor too. I was like what?! So, I went up to the 6th floor to really see if they did not have a connection for me to print the document from my email. They told me they couldn’t, but I could email them my document and they’ll print it for me. I went up to the internet shop and luckily they did have a printer. However, I had to pay ฿15 for the internet and ฿10 for the print out. I signed it and walked over to the scan shop. Luckily it was just across from the internet shop. I had to pay ฿30 for a scan! But well, it’s worth it! So, after that, I could email EDC the job offer back, signed and all. It also meant that before I even had breakfast, I already spent ฿55…!

On the way back home, I got a pad woon sen to go, which was ฿30. I spent the rest of the afternoon communicating to friends and family about the new position, of course! Luckily, internet is included in my rent at home!

For dinner, my friend Masako asked if I would like to go to her place for dinner. She said it would just be a simple dinner with salad. So, I thought it would be just papaya salad so I agreed. On my way, I bought some fruit for desert for ฿20 to share. So, it’s not like I’m getting food for free, we both bring something and share (like the picnic with Alison last weekend). Except, when I entered her place… the dinner table was filled with delicious food! Amazing lebanese food. Yes, there were salads (plural!), but also falafel, hummus, bread… I felt bad (and too hungry) saying no now! Plus, I think I deserved a little celebration regarding the job at EDC… 😉 Dinner was delicious and it was great catching up! We also had some leftovers and as Masako wouldn’t need it, she offered it to me – tomorrow’s breakfast! 🙂 What a great day!

Total for today: ฿105 (of which ฿25 was used from my ‘savings’).


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