฿100 a day challenge – challenge broken…

Day Eleven.

The challenge started out really well and I thought it wasn’t hard at all. But today, I had to spend more than ฿100. This morning, when I walked out of my slippery wet soi, I slipped and twisted my ankle. The lady next to me started screaming – maybe she thought I wanted to attack her? I don’t know. She kept talking in Thai after that, but I quickly continued walking – although it hurt. Those shoes have been in a crappy condition for a while, but because of the challenge (and because I can’t find shoes that match my taste), I have been walking around in them for far too long. I have a few pairs of good shoes, but they all have heels and I shouldn’t be walking on heels every day. So, I started thinking – should I risk more accidents like that (and perhaps next time I’d be next to a bus or taxi instead of a lady) or shall I call it quits and just spend money on a decent pair of shoes. Obviously I chose the latter.

I still stuck to the ฿100 regarding food. I only spent ฿10 on yogurt for breakfast and ฿30 on fruit for lunch and I had cup noodles for dinner. However, I spent quite a lot on a pair of shoes and while I was shopping, I bought some other basic necessities as well. So, I spent over ฿100 today and the extra was not taken from the money I had saved so far. That means the challenge is finished – incompletely unfortunately…

So, that’s it for the ฿100 a day challenge… I will continue to keep a ฿100 as my daily budget, at least for food (unless there is a special celebration). But, I won’t be silly when it comes to things I need. I think this will be a decent compromise between going totally basic and splurging like a rich b****!



    1. Thanks, that’s nice to hear! I’m afraid there’s a lot going on right now so I haven’t been blogging much unfortunately… Will try to get back on asap! 🙂

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