A few questions about Thailand

Even after having lived in Thailand for nearly 15 months now, I still have a few questions about Thailand that I haven’t figured out the answers of yet.

  1. If feet are considered the dirtiest and lowest part of the body, I wonder if there are any Thai people who love feet? Like, people with a foot fetish? If they exist, is it socially accepted to be open about this? Just curious.
  2. What is up with the weird commercials?! So for example, this one below has been showing in the MRT every morning. Think about the sound of this when you are still half-asleep. Why?! Also, poor cow. I really hope a clash with an orange won’t lead to her milk splashing around like this. Who came up with this?!
  3. Have I gone back to high school? This afternoon, I walked into the ladies room to find a woman doing her colleague’s make-up. They were in their 30s. The last time someone put make up on my face was when I was 13… There are also various types of office ladies. Smartly dressed ones, ones that have specific uniforms, but then I also see plenty of ladies wearing cartoon t-shirts and carrying fluffy pink bags, etc. Office men on the other hand seem to hang out in groups, also like in high school. Walking together, pushing each other around. I associate a lot of the behaviour with children or youth. I just wonder why.

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