Bangkok traffic as seen from a motorbike taxi (and DJ Kilmore)

In Bangkok, when you want to cut through traffic fastest, motorbike taxis are your answer! Today, I decided to film my route from home to work and back (and realised my camera is crap at focusing in the dark). I hope you enjoy the clip!

Speaking of shut up and “drive”… Yesterday, I did a cover of one of my favourite songs by Incubus called ‘Drive’. The song isn’t perfect for my voice and I don’t like the sound of the song higher up, so I had to change the melody a bit. Anyways, I made a funny video by cloning myself (one me is playing guitar and the other me is singing, sort of side by side). I uploaded it on YouTube and shared it on various other channels.

This morning, I woke up to an email from Twitter, saying:

“dj kilmore (@DJKilmore) retweeted one of your Tweets!”

What?! Yeah, he retweeted my tweet that has my video in it! So, that’s totally awesome and I am sooo happy! 🙂

dj kilmore (@DJKilmore) retweeted one of your Tweets!

So, here’s that video too:


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