The biggest aphrodisiac turn off

For decades, people have believed that eating certain animal parts leads to an increase in their libido and/or improvement of their sex life. This belief in aphrodisiac effects has led to (endangered) animals being killed for their random body parts:

  • deer penises
  • seal penises
  • crocodile penises
  • sea turtle eggs
  • shark fins
  • bear bile
  • napoleon maori wrasse lips
  • bull testicles
  • tortoise shells
  • oysters
  • blowfish
  • dried seahorses

…just to name a few. Having seen some of these beautiful animals up close and having admired the others through documentaries, I cannot understand how can people be so ignorant, selfish and disrespectful of the environment and wildlife? Knowing someone eats these items (that are not food!) to increase their libido works like a cold bucket of water on mine.


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