Lupus, part two.

Almost two years ago, I wrote my first blog post about Lupus, inspired by my friend’s struggle with the disease. She established the Plum Blossom Foundation to raise awareness and support other people suffering from Lupus, and she made an inspiring short movie called FLARE: Living with Lupus, which has been played at several different film festivals and was an official selection for the African World Documentary, I will tell Film Festival, ZINEBI and Shortcutz Amsterdam.

Last year, after over a decade of pain, frustration, and suffering, she stopped merely suppressing the symptoms with drugs – instead of treating the root of the illness – and she took responsibility for her own health. She decided to boost her immune system by changing her diet and lifestyle. She spent two weeks in Italy learning all about the role of food in our lives and how the way we eat and how what we eat affects our health. She spent three months in California, detoxing, alkalizing and restoring her body to its natural healthy state. These three months changed her life physically and spiritually. Not only did it bring her health freedom, it also brought her back to her own heart. It changed her body, mind, and soul and she is finally experiencing a significant relief. She is better and healthier than she has ever been and has been completely off meds for 9 months, for the first time in 12 years.

See for a comparison here:


She is now raising funds on GoFundMe to complete the shooting of a film that will function as a sequel to FLARE: Living with Lupus in order to raise awareness on the importance of healthy diets in our lifestyles and their positive effects on Lupus and other chronic health challenges. Please take a moment to watch/read her story, support her on GoFundMe and/or spread the message. Thank you.


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