If money were no object, what would you do?

I have recently resigned from my job at the UN for a variety of reasons. The main reason being that it was not what I expected/hoped it to be and that I recognised/realised that it does not fit me. More than that, it made me deeply unhappy. So I decided to do the bold thing, the crazy thing and perhaps in some people’s opinion, the dumb thing: I chose for my health and happiness and I chose to ‘break free’. Leaving behind a highly paid job and security for the unknown, but a happy unknown.

While it was my idealism that led me into the UN, the high pay that comes with it has an unfortunate side-effect that makes you think you need the money. I have never been money-motivated, but I must admit that breaking away from it does scare me a little. However, nothing can be worse than being stuck in the unhealthy situation I found myself in.

So lately, I have asked myself this question again: “If money were no object, what would you do?”

While I have a passion for human rights and development, it is because of the UN that I have lost most of my faith. I need a break from this. Hopefully a temporary one, but you never know what the future will bring and how it will change you and your beliefs and motivations. So, what else is there? There is currently a very clear ‘animal’ theme – I love animals, especially dogs. However, with my two Master degrees, no employer would hire me for an animal-related job that basically requires a high school degree. Or, if I would like to work with animals from a higher level, I would need to invest in re-educating myself in the area of veterinary studies, which is very expensive and only add to my existing student loan debts…

So, why not combine two passions: animals and photography? I would be extremely happy to follow in the footsteps of National Geographic photographers like Frans Lanting. Yeah, right. Be realistic! Ok, so I probably won’t be able to be as successful a photographer as he is, but I can always start small. Pet photography, animal portraits, nature photography, travel photography. I already have a portfolio on Fotolia (now Adobe Stock) for years and they have been paying me for each photo sold. It’s not much, but it’s a good start.

In addition, you can buy prints of the photos that I have published. Send me a message if you’re interested!


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