World Stray Animals Day!

Today is World Stray Animals Day!

We humans are capable of domesticating animals and subsequently abandoning them on the streets, leading to an ever-growing population of stray and feral animals. We can’t undo the domestication of animals, but we can think about our actions to counter the developments we have created.

Before getting a pet, think about whether you want a pet for YOU (ego) or for your pet (pet’s interest first)? I’ve had to learn this lesson the hard way. When you think about it, in the majority of cases, pets get a home because the human wants a pet, not because the pet wants to live with the human and the human decides to be selfless and care for the pet. When you do get a pet: rescue/adopt, don’t shop. And when you have a pet, spray/neuter them so that there won’t be an endless line of litters, perpetuating the problem of stray animals.


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