Alaska to Argentina (by bike!)

And so it begins… I’ve decided to embark on a new journey, a new adventure.
Starting in exactly 13 months, I will start biking from Prudhoe Bay (Alaska) all the way down to Ushuaia (Argentina).
*Update October 2016: departure has been delayed until further notice…

Am I an experienced cyclist or have I done such a thing before? Nope. I am a human rights lawyer/NGO worker/office monkey. However, I’m Dutch and we’ve all been biking since we were kids. I also biked in cities all over the world – it’s not the same as doing a bike touring trip, but I know I feel great biking. (Not sure if that remains when I’m biking uphill with headwinds and rain and what not?) I will practise, and will learn how to fix a bike, and how to live as simply and cheaply as possible (self-sufficiently, if possible)! I have read blogs from people who decided to go on a journey 10 months before starting off. So I think 13 months is still pretty sufficient time to prepare. I believe I prepared my first backpacking trip in four months time. I was 23 and I wanted to travel in Southern Africa by myself. And so I did – and it became one of the best trips I have ever done. I guess this is similar, it just requires a little more preparation.

Have I saved up for this? Nope. I’m selling all my possessions and although it’s not much, I hope it will be enough to get me started and going – hopefully until the end. My beloved car was sold today. I’ve had it for two years and it was my first car. But I am not too sad because I know there are many great things ahead! (If you would like to support me, you can and I would appreciate it very much!)

Am I ready? Hell, no! But I’ll get there…!



    1. Hi! Unfortunately plans changed and I went skydiving instead which eventually led me to Norway. I’d still love to do the trip one day, I keep the pins and the plans!

  1. Have you done it yet? Alaska to Argentina?
    I really want to hike the Pacific crest line trail. And South America all the way north to Alaska sounds 😎 awesome 👍

    1. Hi! I wish! But unfortunately plans changed and I went skydiving instead, which eventually led me to Norway and I’m starting my helicopter flight training next month. Funny how life goes! But I kept the plan and pins and hope to do it one day – maybe self-flying.
      You should definitely go for it!

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