I’ve often said that I wish I could clone myself. With only one life (I think) and so many possibilities, I find it difficult to just choose one path. I guess this is why I seem fickle to some.
If I could clone myself and there were five versions of me, I would:

  1. Have one version live a steady life: corporate job to bring in the money, pursuing promotions and climbing up the ladder. Preferably in a nice city too, like New York or Bangkok.
  2. Have another version fighting the good fight in a human rights organisation. Tirelessly, because the other version could afford the R&Rs, continuing the battle externally and within the system.
  3. Have another version learning and perfecting all the possible skills I want to have: flying helicopters and planes, skydiving, scuba diving, horse riding, surfing. Oh, and speaking about ten languages fluently too, including Thai, Swahili and Arabic.
  4. Have another version travel around the world, slow and steady. Preferably by bike or horse. Perhaps I need two corporate versions of me to fund all this.
  5. Have one more version live a sustainable and remote life somewhere in a tiny house off the grid in the middle of nowhere.

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