Free fallin’

My first skydive was a tandem on 9 September 2016 at Ground Rush Adventures, Swakopmund, Namibia. I was hooked and I did another tandem the same day. The following hours and days, I relived the experience in my head and talked my travel buddy’s ears off about it (he was a skydive student going for his A licence at the time). He told me I should do my Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) training, something I had never considered before. It made sense…

Last week, I finally started my long anticipated AFF skydive training at Paracentrum Texel. I was supposed to start a week earlier on May 1st, but due to bad weather forecasts, I took my chances and decided to cancel. Luckily, my employer (who also – thank you, thank you, thank you! – paid for the course) was flexible and I could work in the office during my ‘week off’ and return to Texel again the week after. And how lucky, all four of us that started the AFF training on Monday managed to finish the AFF on Thursday due to the beautiful weather last week! We all stayed at least a day or more to do some solo jumps. Because, it only really starts after the AFF!

If you want to see my jump videos (and how wobbly I am), here they are! I can’t wait to do a lot more skydiving and get better!

And while I was planning to go back to Namibia after the AFF to do as many jumps as possible and hopefully get my B licence, I was offered to work at Paracentrum Texel this summer and do free jumps on my days off! Looks like I’ll be staying in the Netherlands just a little longer!
This planning is actually perfect as Namibian summer starts in December and that’s when most skydives are done – as well as the Ground Rush Boogie 2017, apparently! It all comes together…! ❤


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