Little update: from desert to ice

It almost seemed as if I was not supposed to come to Iceland. While I had never missed a flight in my life, I missed a flight twice in one week; both towards Iceland. The first one was due to a bomb/fire alert, leading to the clearance of the whole train station. The another one was due to everything else adding up (delayed train, missed connection, no bag drop, slow check-in desk, slow security, malfunctioning passport control port and a departure gate that was all the way at the end). I started to wonder if they were omens?
But, I finally made it! And it is beautiful here… and cold!

After having stayed in Namibia for almost two months, I moved to Iceland and I am staying here for a couple of months to work at a guesthouse on the Snæfellsnes Peninsula. The scenery amazes me every day and the work can be dirty and tough, but it’s rewarding as well. The pay is not bad and the family owning the guesthouse is really nice. I was a bit worried after the Kenya Workaway was such a fail, but I am happy to be here for a while. The type of work during the day and the long nights allow me to do a lot of thinking. I’ve been choosing a different path lately, following my heart in the romantic sense. I am still not sure if it was the right decision since my heart seems to have a bad taste and I seem to fall for the emotionally unavailable, toxic and narcissistic lovers (childhood trauma and repetition?). I am much happier single for obvious reasons, but I got involved, fell deeply and it seems to be hard to go back. Kind of like eating meat again and wanting to be vegetarian again, but it’s not easy! I think I should lock my heart away, so I won’t be distracted again.

It was due to this ‘follow your heart’ path that I got distracted and spent a lot of money from my flight school fund. While I am bummed out about having to postpone my flight school plans for another year, I have some more plans ahead to make it come true eventually and some time and space to think about how I want to go about it. Part of me is certain that I’ll get bored being a commercial pilot and part of me is certain that I just need to give it a go and see how high it will take me… Vamos a ver!


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