All those who do not wander

I realised this month that it has been over two years since I last travelled with the intention of just travelling. That is a very long time and I never would have thought to reach such a stagnant travel situation. But it has all been for a greater cause.

Almost three months ago, I started a job I could not dream of obtaining here in Norway. I was/am not fluent in Norwegian, I do not have relevant degrees in aviation, but I managed to land a really nice job in aviation where my background and experience fitted in perfectly. And I’m being paid for my OCD? Great! My colleagues are nice, the location (Torp Airport) is fantastic and I have plenty to do — and learn at the same time. I think I hit the jackpot there!
So after a few months of working in hospitality and having irregular hours and pay checks, things are looking up! We are moving into a lovely apartment in Tønsberg very soon, so we no longer have to commute nearly one hour one way.

Starting difficulties meant that travel plans have been put on hold until Autumn/Winter 2020. On the upside, I have recently finally thought of a plan and taken concrete steps towards getting my PPL!
My former idea of doing the integrated CPL seems to be more difficult now due to work obligations as well as challenges from a financial, logistical and quality point of view. So, I’m taking the modular route.
And since Norway does not offer PPL theory exams in English, I will do the theory training in the Netherlands and Belgium and then continue with flight training here in Norway!

Compared to the old days, my daily life is quite “boring”: working during the day, studying at night. I miss my travelling days. But occasionally, I get to fly and once I have my PPL theory, the flying part will quickly increase. And that makes up for everything!

So, despite the radio silence, I did not die. Maybe my worldwide part did – but only temporarily.


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