Great things about Norway

After 3,5 years of living in Norway, these are some things I love about Norway!


From the moment I heard that Norwegian students have several options to start flight training, including the public University of Tromsø School of Aviation, and Lånekassen funding for private flight schools, I thought “How lucky are these Norwegian kids!”
Of course the public education system and student loan system are very supportive in many ways. However, to find out that Lånekassen also offers student loans to non-Norwegians under certain conditions makes this one of the things I love most about Norway. The Norwegian student loan system is the sole reason I am able to start my helicopter flight training and in that sense, it is truly enabling and life-changing!


Who doesn’t love libraries? All the resources that are available to you – temporarily.
Well, in addition to regular libraries, Norway has BUA. Here, you can borrow sports equipment, free of charge! While mainly meant for children and youth, anyone who has a registered address in Norway and a Norwegian phone number can borrow from BUA. What a fantastic initiative that promotes a sustainable active and outdoor lifestyle!


Mentioned in a post earlier, BankID is one of the greatest Norwegian systems to get things done. You can log into any kind of system – government or private company – and get things done efficiently. You can easily transfer car ownership, check your taxes, loans, all kinds of registrations, book medical appointments. It is fantastic!
Of course it comes with a downside regarding data and privacy, but all positives have at least one negative and vice versa.


I was already impressed with Norwegian nature in the south. Go further north and you will be blown away. Despite the misty and rainy weather, the very long and cold winters, and being more remote (a plus in my book), Lofoten is absolutely fantastic. And if it’s already beautiful in the mist and rain, you can only imagine what it’s like with a bit of sunshine!
I am sure it’s not only Lofoten that is gorgeous – I can’t wait to explore more!


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