About wwwanchi

Adventurous, ambitious, idealistic, introverted, kind, unconventional.

I am Wanchi, I am from the Netherlands and I have been a solo traveller since 2003 and a world nomad since 2008.

This blog was created in 2011 to highlight human rights and other social issues that I felt the need to raise awareness on while working for human rights and development NGOs. Since then, my blog posts reflect my (critical) thoughts and experiences as a LSE graduated human rights lawyer working for the UN and NGOs worldwide, animal welfare advocate, rescue diver, photographersolo traveller and world nomad.

After having dedicated over a decade to fighting injustice through human rights and development work, I decided to leave my job in June 2017. While I was happy with and grateful for the work I could do, the daily realities of the work and the systems through which we had to work had transformed from a enthusiastic idealist to an exhausted cynic. I will always remain a socially-engaged idealist, passionate about human rights, animal welfare and the environment, but it was time to make a change and do something else. Something lighter that focuses more on the beauty in the world, rather than the dark and the bad.

I decided to chase dreams and go on adventures that I said I would do “one day” and one day was going to be now. I gave up my apartment and got rid of all things that were not essential. Detached, I am free to do anything and go anywhere I want to, believing that everything will work out when you stay true to yourself and fearlessly pursue what sets your soul on fire.

You can follow my adventures here. Enjoy!


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