Great things about Norway

After 3,5 years of living in Norway, these are some things I love about Norway! Lånekassen From the moment I heard that Norwegian students have several options to start flight training, including the public University of Tromsø School of Aviation, and Lånekassen funding for private flight schools, I thought “How lucky are these Norwegian kids!”Of … More Great things about Norway


Pilots: I don’t want to date one, I want to be one!

Since I was a kid, I have been fascinated with aviation and I wanted to become a fighter jet pilot. When my eyesight wasn’t perfect anymore at age 11, this dream faded. Instead, I decided to become a lawyer because my mum said I could argue very well and the job would fit me. Ally McBeal inspired … More Pilots: I don’t want to date one, I want to be one!

Plot twist!

A little history This is a photo of my apartment in The Hague. I moved here after 4,5 years of living in different countries, moving into a new apartment every (half) year or so and after a turbulent time in Egypt. When I moved into this apartment, I was longing for some peace and quiet, a place … More Plot twist!