The stray dog days are over

Today is World Stray Animals Day. While there are no stray animals in Norway, it is also illegal to import former stray or shelter animals into Norway. Adopt, don’t shop, unfortunately does not really apply here – especially when the animals come from outside of Norway. The law that does not make sense Since July … More The stray dog days are over


Nordic challenges #2

Logistics: while the Scandinavians seem very good at being efficient and effective, they are not so in all areas; slow mail delivery (customs hold ups?) or bad train connections (one train an hour, really?). And summertime rail works means bus replacements and extra delays for the duration of six weeks!

No way… Norway?!

Over two years ago, I published a blog entitled “Pilots: I don’t want to date one, I want to be one!” While I still live by the latter, last summer has showed me that I cannot judge people by their professions. I did indeed fall in love with a pilot, and while it happened so naturally … More No way… Norway?!

My world has never been so small… and I loved it!

For the past four and a half months, I have been living on the island of Texel where my daily life evolved around skydiving and flying. About 99% of my time was spent at either three places: the dropzone (Paracentrum Texel), our house in Oosterend (shared with 14 other trainees) and De Kievit (where we … More My world has never been so small… and I loved it!