Holidays and animal welfare

Where is the link, you may think? Well, there are several. Holidays bring with them an influx of abandoned pets. They are left at the shelter as they can’t find someone to look after them while they are on holidays. Sometimes the animals are even left tied to a tree or let loose somewhere. All … More Holidays and animal welfare


How I hate (most) dog breeders (while loving certain dog breeds)

I love dogs. I think I love dogs more than most things in life. And while I love all dogs, there are particular breeds that I love more than others. The gentle giant Great Dane, the gorgeous Rhodesian Ridgeback, the cute Beagle, the awesome French Bulldogs or the comical Pug, for example. However, the vast … More How I hate (most) dog breeders (while loving certain dog breeds)

The biggest aphrodisiac turn off

For decades, people have believed that eating certain animal parts leads to an increase in their libido and/or improvement of their sex life. This belief in aphrodisiac effects has led to (endangered) animals being killed for their random body parts: deer penises seal penises crocodile penises sea turtle eggs shark fins bear bile napoleon maori wrasse … More The biggest aphrodisiac turn off