The stray dog days are over

Today is World Stray Animals Day. While there are no stray animals in Norway, it is also illegal to import former stray or shelter animals into Norway. Adopt, don’t shop, unfortunately does not really apply here – especially when the animals come from outside of Norway. The law that does not make sense Since July … More The stray dog days are over



Eight years ago, I went on my first backpacking trip through seven Southern African countries in six weeks. I particularly loved Botswana and Malawi. People told me that if I love Botswana, I would surely love Namibia. But, since I was travelling by public transportation, the best places in Namibia were hard to reach without a car (preferably … More Wandergreed

World Stray Animals Day!

Today is World Stray Animals Day! We humans are capable of domesticating animals and subsequently abandoning them on the streets, leading to an ever-growing population of stray and feral animals. We can’t undo the domestication of animals, but we can think about our actions to counter the developments we have created. Before getting a pet, … More World Stray Animals Day!

Challenging beliefs – #4: Dogs are ‘just animals’

“Why do you care so much? They are just animals!” I cannot count how many times I have heard this phrase from people. To claim that animals are ‘just things’ shows, in my opinion, a lack of empathy and deepened perspective and appreciation in life. Our generation has to learn that the world does not … More Challenging beliefs – #4: Dogs are ‘just animals’

How I hate (most) dog breeders (while loving certain dog breeds)

I love dogs. I think I love dogs more than most things in life. And while I love all dogs, there are particular breeds that I love more than others. The gentle giant Great Dane, the gorgeous Rhodesian Ridgeback, the cute Beagle, the awesome French Bulldogs or the comical Pug, for example. However, the vast … More How I hate (most) dog breeders (while loving certain dog breeds)