All flights cancelled

Just three weeks ago, everything looked pretty great. I had just completed my PPL theory, work was going well, we were about to go to New York for a few days and I was finally about to start my official PPL flight training.Oh, how things have changed… That goes for everyone in most parts of … More All flights cancelled


Volunteering: when doing good does harm

Volunteering has conventionally been linked to good people with good intentions. When done well, volunteering can benefit many people, communities, professionals and governments as well as raise awareness on social issues beyond the duration of the volunteering itself. In recent years, however, we have come to understand that there can be severe harm done due … More Volunteering: when doing good does harm

Plot twist!

A little history This is a photo of my apartment in The Hague. I moved here after 4,5 years of living in different countries, moving into a new apartment every (half) year or so and after a turbulent time in Egypt. When I moved into this apartment, I was longing for some peace and quiet, a place … More Plot twist!


Eight years ago, I went on my first backpacking trip through seven Southern African countries in six weeks. I particularly loved Botswana and Malawi. People told me that if I love Botswana, I would surely love Namibia. But, since I was travelling by public transportation, the best places in Namibia were hard to reach without a car (preferably … More Wandergreed