Where to draw the line?

Recently, several people have crossed my path who are challenging the way I think or the way I choose to live or be. It may start with a conversation on veganism and soon move towards what we, as humans, do to the world. While I am trying to live well, as much as possible, I still … More Where to draw the line?


The biggest aphrodisiac turn off

For decades, people have believed that eating certain animal parts leads to an increase in their libido and/or improvement of their sex life. This belief in aphrodisiac effects has led to (endangered) animals being killed for their random body parts: deer penises seal penises crocodile penises sea turtle eggs shark fins bear bile napoleon maori wrasse … More The biggest aphrodisiac turn off

The Vegetarian Festival – another thing I love about Thailand

The Vegetarian Festival (เทศกาลกินเจ) was held in Thailand 27 September – 5 October 2011 (or, the equivalent Thai year of 2554). This annual Festival is the celebration of the Chinese community’s belief that abstinence from meat and various stimulants will help obtain good health and peace of mind. Ironically, my visit to China was the last … More The Vegetarian Festival – another thing I love about Thailand